Bulgarian BANITSA by Svetlana

Today we are promoting Bulgarian cousine - thanks to Svetlana, my friend from Erasmus in Lithuania, member of a secret group (as well as Magda, Nikoleta, Rieke and Sanne). I'm so happy that we will meet soon!

1 pack of filo dough
3 eggs
500 gr Bulgarian cheese (or feta cheese)
3 tablespoons butter
1 cup of milk or yoghurt

Mix the crumbled cheese, milk and eggs together. Don't over mix - cheese should be lumpy. Melt the butter in a cup. Butter the bottom of a casserole pan. Lay 5-6 sheets of filo dough, one after another (not together) as you spread some butter in between - use a brush for this. Spread some of the cheese mixture on top, lay another 3-4 sheets, spreading butter in between. Repeat until all mixture is used. Lay the last 3-4 sheets on the top with no butter in between. Spread the rest of the butter on top. Cut in portion sized squares and bake in the oven until golden (about 30 minutes on 400 F).

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  1. Anonimowy27/1/11 22:08

    Mmmmmmm:)) Nice idea these recipes. Looking forward to meet all the members of the secret group in Poland!! Rieke


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