norwegian omlette by viking Tim

Because in Warsaw it's cold almost like in Siberia (-15 in the morning) today I invited Tim, my friend from Norway to present "godly Norwegian omlette".
  • The norwegian omelette is really healthy. You mix in tuna in the eggs while u wip them in the pan.
  • Adding greens like fresh broccoli, paprica, persille is not a bad idea either.
  • Some mix rice in it aswell if they want to gain a bit weight.
  • When it's done, its salads on the side with feta cheese and a small dash norwegian blue cheese for the taste with olive oil on top of salad and gurkemeie (turmeric) on top of the omlette.
Dinner served, and u live as long as Norwegians by eating it :)

Home of the Vikings by Tim

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