paella with seafood by Jordi (catalan!)

Jordi is Catalan but he also knows "Pan Tadeusz" and the idea of Soplicowo. Probably Adam Mickewicz did't know paella. We definitely love it :)

The paella is a traditional dish that literally means saucepan, in its origins it was a farmers meal which ingredients were more or less improvised from the very common in the zone; rice, vegetables and meat, later the dish become very popular an reached the coast were the fishermen changed the meat by fish.

- Rice
-Olive Oil (if possible a very good one)
Onion (important)
Garlic (important)
Mushrooms (if you like them)
Red Bell pepper
Green Bell pepper (important)
Green Beans (some green vegetables)
Peas (some green vegetables)
Artichoke (some green vegetables)
Green Asparagus (some green vegetables)

Thyme (nice taste)
Saffron (nice taste and colour, don’t use if you don’t have)
Parsley (green if possible)
Bay Laurel (don’t use much)
Sweet pepper powder (important)

Mantis shrimp

If you like specially some vegetable or an other ingredient, it’s an open recipe, just try!!!

General rules with ingredients: the fresher the better!!

1rst. Step

Pour some olive oil in a saucepan with a soft fire. Chop a clove of garlic and fry it in the oil, when the garlic takes a golden colour, add half of one onion in chopped in small pieces, when it is soft and slightly fried, add the Cuttlefish or squid in small pieces and the green bell pepper in small pieces, cook it with a soft fire. Add some thyme.

2nd. Step

Wait until the ingredients in the saucepan are soft and slightly golden by the frying, and add the sweet red pepper in small pieces, wait,  add the mushrooms (don’t use ones with a too much strong taste), add some sweet paprika powder, don’t worry about how much, some, and wait till all the vegetables are soft.

3rd. Step

Add the Prawns, Shrimps, Mantis shrimp (can use different kinds of this) and fry them with a strong fire, mixing everything until the added fish is slightly fried (Tip: you can cover the pan to help the fish to be cook and to save the aroma). Remove the fish, Prawns… and add the rice (I put in the pictures first the rice, the result is the same but it is easier in this order). Apply a soft fire and keep mixing the ingredients till the rice takes some colour, in between apply the Parsley and the Saffron.

 4th. Step
When the rice has a nice golden colour, turn up the fire to the maximum and ad the water or soup of water (the liquid of boiling fish, if you want, not needed). Add the salt till it taste good, remove the mixture to prevent anything to stick the ground of the pan, and add the mussels and clams, when the mixture is boiling soft the fire and add the rest of the fried fish. (Tip: the water is a critical point, if you add to much, the paella will be too liquid, and if you don’t add enough it will burnt and to stick to the pan. A solution is to prevent the water to evaporate with the cover. If there is no other solution you can add a beat of boiling water). Stop the fire when the rice is cooked; a good idea is to leave it without fire and with the cover, when the core of the rice is still a bit hard to finish cooking of the rice with it’s own steam. 

5th. Step


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