warsaw & cousine by Po-Pa

How to combine sightseeing with trying traditional Polish meals? Restaurant-crawling will solve our problem. Po-Pa Warsaw city guide suggests a Polish cuisine tour through Warsaw.

downtown with a gift from Stalin

We can start with pierogi at the Old Town Market Square, than go for a żurek in Słowiańska restaurant near the Royal Palace  over the W-Z route. Walking along Krakowskie Przedmieście we can try more Polish specialities. Try Polish dessert in Telimena cafe, which is located opposite the Adam Mickiewicz monument. The cafe remembers young Chopin, who was a frequent guest there. 

Maybe a shot of Polish wodka served traditionally with herring in a bar evoking communist times? Find Przekąski Zakąski in the former Hotel Europejski, on the corner of Ossolińskich street. There you can also try zimne nożki - pork jelly and tatar - raw beef tartare. Now, having satisfied your hunger, so you can see the Presidential Palace, the majestic Hotel Bristol, which managed to survive World War II undamaged, then walk a bit and see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Piłsudski Monument, and maybe also University? Opposite it you can find Ceprownia, which instead of Warsaw cuisine, serves... Tatra Mountain dishes. After a meal, go straight along Krakowskie Przedmieście, past the Kopernik monument and the Academy of Science, and reach Nowy Świat street, where you can find even more restaurants. You can try icecream at Grycan’s - who has been Warsaw's premiere ice-cream producer since the early years after the war. Then, perhaps a good idea would be dining at a state-subsidised bar mleczny (milk bar) Familijny, where you can try typical, home made and very cheap Polish dishes - soups, like flaki, gołąbki and others. It certainly is not a posh place, but you can meet there people from every social group... When you rest after a nice, and probably strange for a typical foreigner, meal, walk to the Warsaw’s Palm Tree and there, on Aleje Jerozolimskie you can find Zapiecek - a place, where you can try aaaaaaaaaall the types of pierogi - probably most famous invention of Polish cuisine. The tour is finished, but you can always try a nice bar on Chmielna or Foksal and stay there for the whole night. If you need help, you can always call the local specialist from Po-Pa for help.

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